Primal. Pristine artesian water from the birthplace of humankind.

There’s a remote corner of South Africa, where the tranquil majesty of the landscape disguises the drama of the events that have unfolded there over many millions of years – events which helped, literally, to shape our planet.

Continental drift, meteoric impacts, volcanic eruptions – this part of Africa endured a geological full house. But amidst all the mayhem there emerged an environment in which our earliest human ancestors flourished two thousand millennia ago. An array of ancient caves offering physical security, food, and above all, abundant water – what more could they need?

And the rest – in every respect – is history.

Today, this extraordinary region is known worldwide as the birthplace of humankind, and still yields refreshingly pristine water from its artesian aquifers. And it’s precisely from here that our Primal Artesian Water comes – after all, if this was a good enough place to start the human race, it is certainly good enough for us.

Primal Artesian. Highly evolved water.

Take a look at that uniquely shaped bottle. It’s an unusual design that leads you to expect an unusual water within. And you’d be right. For several reasons.

First, Primal is artesian water. This means that it is drawn directly from an underground aquifer, naturally sealed from any exposure to airborne or other contaminating elements. Rubbing shoulders with the lining of these limestone and dolomitic dungeons, the water slowly acquires its perfectly balanced mineral content (TDS of 320 Mg/l) and alkalinity (pH 7.7).

Secondly, our ultra-modern bottling plant is located directly above the well through which we draw the water. At no point is the water stored, diverted or uncovered, virtually eliminating the risk of any variance in quality.

What our earliest ancestors slaked their thirsts with is precisely what you can enjoy today.

Finally, some more numbers, just in case you’re the type who wants even more than a great and well-balanced taste. Primal Artesian Water boasts the following ingredient levels, all expressed in Mg per litre: Calcium 89, Magnesium 49, Sodium 4.4, Potassium 0.6, Chloride 5.5, Sulphate 4.1, Nitrate 1.8, Fluoride 0.2.

The numbers may tell a convincing story, but the simple truth is that with Mother Nature herself as our quality controller-in-chief, we don’t think we need much more proof that Primal Artesian is, indeed, highly evolved water.


We work hard to ensure that our Primal Artesian Water is packed and distributed in as environmentally sensitive manner as possible. This isn’t a cynical marketing ploy, this is a philosophy that’s in our blood.

Which explains why the farm on which our aquifer is located “Monelieschke” is as pristine as the water itself. The unspoilt landscape is host to a wide variety of fauna and flora that flourish in this abundant part of Africa, just like their forebears before them.

For example, the magnificent disease-free buffalo that are bred on Monelieschke are recognised worldwide as being among the finest examples of this iconic member of Africa’s Big Five. Similarly, the unique black impala, the imposing common eland, and the rare Golden Gnu are all to be found roaming our largely untouched bushveld.



A superior water such as Primal Artesian Water is not always readily available everywhere. So if you’d like to find your nearest stockist, or if you simply want to learn a little more about our highly evolved water, please write to

We are also interested in talking to potential new distributors, so if you feel that there is an opportunity to take Primal to a new market, please submit a brief business proposal to the email address below.

                            12 x 500ml and 1 litre recyclable PET bottles

                            12 x 500ml and 1 litre recyclable PET bottles

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